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-- This module implements {{parameter names example}}. local p = {} local function makeParam(s) local lb = '{' local rb = '}' return lb:rep(3) .. s .. rb:rep(3) end local function italicize(s) return "''" .. s .. "''" end local function plain(s) return s end function p._main(args, frame) -- Find how we want to format the arguments to the template. local formatFunc if args._display == 'italics' or args._display == 'italic' then formatFunc = italicize elseif args._display == 'plain' then formatFunc = plain else formatFunc = makeParam end -- Build the table of template arguments. local targs = {} for k, v in pairs(args) do if type(k) == 'number' then targs[v] = formatFunc(v) elseif not k:find('^_') then targs[k] = v end end -- Find the template name. local template if args._template then template = args._template else local currentTitle = mw.title.getCurrentTitle() if currentTitle.prefixedText:find('/sandbox$') then template = currentTitle.prefixedText else template = currentTitle.basePageTitle.prefixedText end end -- Call the template with the arguments. frame = frame or mw.getCurrentFrame() local success, result = pcall( frame.expandTemplate, frame, {title = template, args = targs} ) if success then return result else return '' end end function p.main(frame) local args = require('Module:Arguments').getArgs(frame, { wrappers = 'Template:Parameter names example' }) return p._main(args, frame) end return p